Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arse Backwards

W/ the sands of time beginning to ebb away as we're into mid May now I realize the need to nail every last workout from here untill mid September so w/ the advantage of a weekday off from work I planned to utilize that by hitting Temple's Geasey Field around lunchtime to secure my first of two repeats this week, give my recent "access issues" upon finishing work and my reluctence to shleep all the way out to "East Bumblefuck" AKA Roxoboro this felt like a plan.......however as the saying goes"the best laid plans of mice and men".....

Maybe it was a little "burning the candle at both ends" over the weekend w/ my Sister and brother in law in town that lead to yours truly not crawling out of bed till 11.30am Monday morning....yeah yeah lazy bastard!!! but the fact was I'd probably need an hour now to get my arse in gear w/ another 40 mins to trek across town from West Philly to Temple's campus 1.10pm if I was lucky and who's to say the "access issues" I've encounterd wouldn't be in play when I got there or b4 I could complete my prepossed 8x800m repeats......SO I opted to switch things up and kick off the week w/ an easy 8 miler and then reattempt the 8x800m on Wednesday,should I again fail to gain access to Geasey Field at 4pm{surely by now CCP are done for the season???} I'll continue my route home b4 having at it over 8 miles w/ my 8 mile tempo run and then........schleep out to Roxboro in the hope of getting on the track there on way or another I'm getting two repeats in this feckin week!!!

Ot the door around 3pm a shade earlier than I usually manage to do my easy/tempo/recovery 8 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive,I was mindful of my intermediate splits,the most important being 37.19 at halfway 1.14.38 pace.
Unlike Sunday when the mindset was recovery run,the inbound leg was a slightly quicker pace as I remarkably notched a negative split,37.19/36.41 to close in 1.14.00,we'll see what Wednesday or Thursdays tempo run yeilds either pre or preferably post repeats.

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