Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yeah.......So That {All} Happened...............................

Even though I'm more of a HP brown sauce kind of guy here's a little katsup.....sorry catch up w/ me and the last week b4 last nites easy 8 miler.
I though I'd shaken the effects of the previous weeks cold untill I had to 86 last Wednesdays preposed trip to Roxboro for repears due to a sinus headache,in fact sad sinus headache was so bad I had to stick a fork in my back up plan of an easy/tempo 8 miler.
The prospect of Thursday being a "make up" day was a non runner b4 I even started,normally it would've been a slam dunk but for once in a blue moon I had plans outside of my running.......pause as the general public clutch their chests in disbelife.....I know I had to pinch myself to check I wasn't dreaming!!!!

Long story short every year the hospital holds a service dinner for any employees who've been here for ten years and over,this year marks my 16th year......but it'll come as NO surprize that prior to this year I'd always failed to RSVP.......just not my thing to be honest but a year ago when asked about my lack of partisipation I gave my word providing I was still here I'd go,we even  shook hands on it so there was no backing out of it now......NOT that I wanted to back out of it I'm still borderline anti social/socially challenged but what can I say,Barb is a women I couldn't say no to!!! and I went more to spend an enjoyable evening w/ her than anything......which seemed as good a reason as any to me to go!!!!!

Friday I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Pasta party for the Students Run Philly program prior to Sundays Broad St Run,as my dear departed father often said "you could talk the cross off a Donkey" and "you didn't just kiss the Blarney inhaled it!!!" so talking for 10 minutes to over 200 high school runners didn't pose any issues for yours truly!!!
I don't claim to be a walking,talking,running encyclopedia of "all things running" but as I'm a year away from my 40th year of competitive running I hoped my experience and insight could help these guys b4 Sundays race,some of whom had never ran Broad St b4 and some who'd never ran 10 miles,I once sat figurativly where they sat prior to a big race,I know I could've benefitted from the experience of a runner who'd been there b4 my 1984 debut over 10 miles and the half marathon,to quote Charles Barkley "I am not a role model" but I hope I helped them,the feedback I got was positive.

Saturday saw yours truly "suited and booted" and New York City bound to see Spandau Ballet at The Beacon theater.
I was a huge Spandau fan "back in the day" and wasn't passing up a chance to see them live for the first time in almost 31 years even if it meant sidestepping my lunchtime scheduled repeats.
Four years ago when I earnt my biggest "pay day" in running w/ a $250 runners up cheque from the Ben Franklin Bridge 10k in the Masters division I treated myself to two pairs of Plaid dress pants not unlike the type Gary and Martin Kemp rocked circa 81 when Spandau first burst onto the scene,adding a matching red and black plaid vest I felt I looked the part Saturday,a good time was had by all even if I didn't roll home till 3am #dirtystopout.

Surfice to say back to back to back evenings out took their toll and Sunday was the proverbial "day of rest" I couldn't see going to the track being as "cream crackered" as I was,it's a fine line between blowing training off and knowing when to say when,running for the sake of running on Sunday seemed futile but I'm too focused to allow myself to slide into "bad habits"....
That said Monday saw me get out of work late,much later than normal and the residual effects of the previous weeks cold still lingering,the Sinus headache that forced me to sit out Wednesday felt omnipresent and I was still hacking up crap off my lungs and dealing w/ a sore throat,maybe my social excesses hadn't helped??
Tuesday I caved and swung by  CVS to pick up some Sinus Pain & Congestion on my way home,clearly this issue wasn't getting resolved on a "wing and a prayer" sometimes you need the aid of modern medicine and a rest......

W/ the clock ticking down to Mondays season opener for the outdoor season I knew there could be no excuses for not lacing them up yesterday and I took care of bussiness over 8 miles a shade quicker than last Tuesdays time,the plan is more of the same this evening b4 a visit to the track Saturday and an easy 8 miler Sunday,Monday was always about "seeing where I was at" two weeks of illness interupted training may have hindered couild also help me as I'm more rested than I would've been know what they say"there's one way to find out" and there are no hiding places out on the track........

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