Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Eye Of The Tiger Than Easy Tiger

Off the back of a well earnt rest day it was "back at it" yesterday w/ the always "fun" 8 mile tempo run,factor in the fact it was going to be 88 degrees the fun factor wasn't the only thing going through the roof!!
Getting a slightly later start than normal{closer to 5pm} would ultimately cost me as I got caught in the heavy rain that swept through the area towards the end of my run.....I wouldn't mind but I just did laundry the day b4 and now my running gear has that really Rain Fresh feel to it!!!!

From the getgo or in my case Geico........ I went after the pace like a runner posssessed.....aren't we all a little possesed to begin w/ anyway???
7.32 at the mile split b4 16.59 at 2 miles and 27.59 at 3 miles b4 making the turn in 34.27.
A few weeks back I went out all guns blazing over the opening 4 miles only to die a little on the inbound leg,w/ each week I feel myself getting stronger and faster,hopefully this will be reflected in my races,the next of which is now just three weeks off.

Although trusty Peco Tower was showing 88 degrees it didn't feel that bad,there was a breeze coming off the Schuylkill thankfully  but w/ the skies darkening the 50% of rain according to NBC 10'S Weather page looked to becoming 100%.....I proved last Thursday on my tempo run I'm no slouch when it comes to running in the rain and sure as God made little green apples as I pulled away from the lights at South St bridge the heavens opened.....w/ a vengence.

It was hard to see through the rain on my shades what my exact 7 mile split was I saw 1.02 but the seconds being smaller were harder to record,I was going to be in and around 1.09 that's for sure,Thursday I recorded 1.09.10,what did today have in store?????
1.09.47.......37 seconds slower.....however at 88 degrees it was 37 degrees hotter than last Thursday so I guess we'll call it an honourable tie,it's expected to be 90 degress today....but it's an easy/recovery 8 miler on tap so I don't mind so much

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