Monday, May 11, 2015

The Placebo Effect

Sucker love is heaven sent you pucker up our passion's spent,my heart's a tart your body's rent my body's broken yours is spent
Carve your name into my arm,instead of stressed I lie here charmed cos there's nothing else to do every me and and every you

Every Me,Every You

Anyone who knows me well enough will attest to the fact I have a  wide and eclectic taste in music and I tend to go through phases of who I listen to......right now Placebo are kind of ruling the roost where Spotify is concerned on my phone and also in my dvd sellection when the down time allows me music time via my dvd player.
Maybe it's Brian Moloko's flair for writing "love songs" or preceived love songs from a  "close but no cigar" standpoint that I connect w/,maybe it's the fact that Placebo are a "power trio" a la The Police,Rush,The Jam bands over the years I've loved or maybe the fact David Bowie joined them on stage to perform one of their songs{W/out You I'm Nothing} or the fact they covered a Pixies classic 'Where Is My Mind" that got Black Francis to join them on stage that draws my to them.....whatever it is "the Placebo effect" has been "in effect" the past two weeks.......and looks to continue.

April wasn't quite the "transition" month I had hoped for  from Indoor track to Outdoor track,two missed repeats when I couldn't access a track,two incomplete repeats when my Sciatica forced me to pull up mid repeat{repeatus interuptus???} and a few missed repeats whille I was dealing w/ being sick had dented my "base milege" but as my former coach once told me circa 07-09 "you can't chase lost miles" so I've accepted those repeats didn't happen and have lent my energies and efforts to what I can do in May thro September beginning w/ Saturdays 3x4x200m w/ 50 second recoveries and 5 mins rest between sets.

Arriving at trust old Geasey field around 1.05pm I conducted a 5 lap warm up and breathed a sigh of relife when the Special Olympian group vacated the track,as I've said b4 I mean NO disrespect to anyone using a track when I need to but my repeats are ultra important to me and each one needs to be "all or nothing" now and if I'm "weaving" in and out of lane one especially on short repeats such as 200s it's going to tarnish my splits.
I went into this debut repeat hoping for 32 second splits.....

#1 4x200m
A good start,solid and consistant,when it comes to 200s I'm no Usain Bolt but I'm doing ok I think

#2 4x200m
More of the same,6 out of 8 at 32 seconds w/ 2 31  second splits......

#3 4x200m
Would like to see those 33s dip down to 32s next time out but all told this wasn't too shabby.

If I can hold 32 second 200s I should be looking at a 2.08 800m,I maxed out at 2.09 last year so I'd take 2.08,I'm 6 weeks out from my 800m race at Icahn so plenty of time to work on that between now and then muchless the 10 weeks till Nationals.....

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