Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Boys From Brazil

Took my weekday rest day yesterday so I could cop the final round of UEFA World Cup qualifiers given the 5 hour time difference between Europe and the east coast of America.
Now you may ask what has this got to do w/ running.....let me tell you once next Summers World Cup kicks off between June 12th and finishes on July 13th most of that month my schedule will be bulit around the games{not sure what hour of the day they'll kick off but I'm guessing evening games to be 7/8pm which works but it'll be what it will be}

For me the World Cup and Summer Olympics are THE greatest show on earth the fact they only come around every four years hightens the excitment of the matter,screw this one up and it's another four years b4 the chance to set the record straight.
As of yesterday 21 of the 32 nations have booked their tickets to the finals,the usual suspects Brazil,Argentina,Germany,Italy,England are there,in recent World Cups you could add USA,Holland,Spain,Australia,Japan and South Korea to that list and come November15th and 18th the final 11 Nations will be determined b4 the draw for the finals on December 6th.....then it gets REAL interesting!!!

Back to basics tonite,an 8 miler....I'll just to imagine the Samba rhythm as I make my way along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr.

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