Monday, October 28, 2013

It Can't All Be Rainbows & Kittens

Just as the month began w/ a repeat that wasn't what I hoped for over 4x1 mile my 6x600m repeats also failed to be an improvement on Septembers efforts.
I knew I was in for a somewhat of a rude awakening weatherwise b4 I even left home,the sun may;ve been out in all it's glory but it was brisk enough to require the first airing of my 3/4 lenght bottoms and long sleeved running shirt,where as last week I wore them to the track and shed them for the repeats this week they stayed on.....welcome to Fall!!

Last months trip to "The Death Cage" yeilded splits of:
And based off of last weeks 8x300x200x300 repeats I was reasonably confident of doing some damage this time around.....guess the Weather Gods had other  ideas!!!

I could tell from my mile warm up the wind was going to be an issue I tend to start my 600s at the 200m start and finish at the 400m start/finish,this would mean battling a strong headwind after 100m and 500m but rather than switch my start/finish I went w/ what it was .....when was the last time a major championship switched directions on the track because the headwind was an issue????

#1 600m
A great start,but in retrospect too brisk,had the headwind up the home straight not taken it's toll this might've set me up for a "good day at the office" wasn't to be!

#2 600m
Losing a full 5 seconds in one repeat pretty much was the writing on the wall,any hopes of a series of 1.50s was shot and little did I know it just yet but keeping things around the 1.55 mark was also about to bite the dust.

#3 600m
At this stage I knew that going sub 2.00 would be a fait acompli now that the headwind was giving me a major arsekickin' up the home straight,not once but twice.

#4 600m
Gained a second over the opening 400m only to give it back over the closing 200m

#5 600m
Seeing 1.20 at 400m I should have been able to "kick like a Mule" over the closing 200m like I had on #3 but the wind had taken it's toll on me and loathe as I am to admit it I kind of "mailed it in" over the closing 200m.....

#6 600m
While anything over 2.00 is never anything to write home about at least I went for it over the closing 200m of only to end the agony sooner rather than later.

Like the title says it can't be all Rainbows and Kittens,somedays you kick arse,other days it's your arse getting the kickin',I'll be anxious to return here at the end of November to improve upon this backwards step,ditto for the 4x1 mile repeats that started off October,at least I now only have to wait 7 days for that....

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