Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cherish The Day,Envoke The Penguin

I certainly won't cherish the workday yesterday,it was grim to say the least,prehaps best summed up by the entry on my Facebook page need to elaborate it's all there in the text I'm sure you'll agree!!!!
While work was dark and forboding at least the conditions while I ran were better,62 degrees and overcast I'll be sure to try and remember them when it's only 52/53 degrees today.....yep the other shoe has fallen at least for the next few days,I'm thinking longsleeve runningshirt and 3/4 length bottoms may well be the order of the day for my 10 miler tonite!

The reason for quoting the legendary John Bingham is probably self explanitory after said #uttershitfest of a work day I knew I needed a run to remove the putrid stench work had left but frankly I wasn't sure I had the legs for it,to say I got my arse served to me on a plate on the dock yesterday would be "Selling The Drama" short by a country mile and it took alot of cajoiling on my part to get me out the door for my run,I think if I'd sat down when I got home from work it would've been "All She Wrote".
The fact it was 2.30pm b4 I even got to make my second cup of tea for the day at work should underline just how balls arsed busy I work,I mean FORGET about the Oatmeal I took for breakfast,FORGET  about the Fruit and Yogurt I took for my afternoon snack they NEVER made it out of my backpack,at 2.30pm I was arsehole lucky to be getting a Banana and some but not all off my Cheese and Almonds w/ my 2nd cup of Tea of the day.......

W/ all that said I knew as long as I got out he door I'd be able to get my run taken care of,even if it meant switching up from my preposed 10 miler to the 8 miler,I can tackle the 10 miler tonite because even if it all goes "Tits Up & Pear Shaped" again at work I don't have to be up at 5.30am tomorrow to deal w/ it so as long as it's not raining expect yours truly to be out there putting in my 10 miler and staying on track for another 5 day/40mpw

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