Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trifle Not W/ Tired Tigers

Somewhere in an old running shoe box is an old Calvin & Hobbes comic strip I had photocopied and blown up and once proudly displayed on my old fridge door,in frame one Hobbes is asleep,in frame two Calvin tweaks his whiskers,in frame three Hobbes opens his eyes to give Calvin a death stare and in frame four a somewhat the worse for wear Calvin is staggering off muttering"trifle not w/ tired Tigers"!!!!! that has stuck w/ me for years and was never more apt than yesterday.

For reasons unknown I had a sleepless nite on Sunday which I needed like a hole in the head give that Monday thro Wednesday I'm "hauling all the freight" by my lonesome here at work while my co worker takes three days off,I've done it b4 and I'll do it again but it's alot of work for one person period but w/ a training schedule that reads 10,8,10,8 including Sundays 10 miler it's safe to say I'll be running on tired legs this week.
The fact I have pen marks on my diary from nodding off repeatedly on the trolley ride home yesterday afternoon underlines how tired I was and technically Monday is an easy delivery day.....like I said tired Tiger!!!

Even though I have the luxury of Thursday and Friday off work I don't want to have to defer my runs till then,I will if need be but IF I didn't have that safety net I'd have to suck it up Monday through Thursday after work so I got out of my work clothes and into my running gear as soon as I got home and out the front door by 4.30pm.
I hate to miss Mondays,it's like having one strike against you b4 the week has even begun and w/ a change in the weather coming I could ill afford to blow off Mondays run no matter how tired I felt.
Aside from the obvious delight of being out running period was the utter joy of being able to take full advantage of the glorious conditions,sunny and warm,67 degrees,at the risk of sounding like a broken record you have to take full advantage of these days because they won't last forever and if the peeps at the Met Office are to be believed the end is neigh!!!

Comfortable run,I know i have a 10 miler on tap this evening so last nite was more about just doing the minimum to keep things ticking along,I kept it under 1.20 w/a respectable 1.18....I guess you could say it was as much "easy Tiger" and "tired Tiger"!!!!!

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