Monday, October 14, 2013

The Sun,The Wind,And The Rainfall

Well the good news was it finally stopped raining on Saturday after two days of on again/off again rain.....fuckin' ada I thought I was going to have to grow gills just to survive!!!!!
However,there was a plus to Friday evenings downpour,I fell asleep in my recliner at 9pm which was my cue to call it a nite.....and promptly slept till 9am Saturday morning.....if there's "no smoke w/out fire" then I guess I needed the sleep and since I slept through my designated clubbin' nite there was no need to switch up to Sunday for the 5x1,000m repeats on tap this weekend.

Following last months "catalogue of cock ups" w/ the 5x1,000s and last weeks backwards step w/ the 4x1 mile repeats I was hopefully of getting.....back on track{groan!} w/ my repeats on Saturday,for the record last months 5x1,000m repeats went:
I knew I needed to eliminate an opening 400m of 1.13 if I had any shot of going 1.20-1.20-35=3.15 which is still my goal w/ the 1,000s......
Conditions were sunny and warm w/ a strong wind on the bottom turn and back straight when I arrived at Temple's track around 11am,followin my 6 lap warm up I was ready to have at it.......

#1 1,000m
While I was delighted w/ an opening 400m of 1.18 I was deflated to give it back on the second 400m w/a 1.23 even though technically I was only a second off pace at 2.41,not a bad opener and not a suicidal 1.13 like I opened w/  on Sept 15th

#2 1,000m
More of the same again that second 400m came back to bite me in the arse after a decent opening 400 but unlike a month ago I hadn't ballooned upto 3.30 rang.....yet!

#3 1,000m
I thought maybe taking a little bit off the opening lap might help keep it even...I thought wrong and while clearly 3.15 was wishful thinking sub 3.20 was now shot

#4 1,000m
Battling the wind on the bottom turn and back straight between 200m and 400m and 600m and 800m finally took it's toll,coming off the top turn at 500m my legs felt like a pair of runner plants hence the plun 3.30 time.

#5 1,000m
Kudos for not just "mailing it in" and trying to finish strong but the damage had already been done in earlier 1,000s.

Clearly there needs to be a major rethink re the 1.20-1.20-35=3.15 1,000s w/ only Nov & Dec left in 2013 ,my focus now is to get into sub 3.30 range and then go into the new year w/ 3.20 as my target and hopefully come summer time 3.15 will be doable,untill then 3.05 is unthinkable
Two weeks in a row now the weather has dictated my repeats but there seems little or no point bitchin' as we all know "mother nature always gets the final word"

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