Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Solitude Of The Middle Distance Runner

A pretty much run of the mill out and back 8 miler that felt like I was on "autopilot" throughout its duration which isn't such a bad thing,some days its nice to get through a run w/out and drama jumping off.
Conditions were a comfortable 66 degrees a far cry from the back to back 86 degree days over the weekend that felt like running in a Native American Sweat Lodge.

I got out of work on time for once which meant getting home and getting back out the door to run by 4.10pm,somewhat of an anomaly for me,right now it's neither here nor there but w/ the clocks about to go back in 4 weeks time and the evenings already getting darker earlier I'm resigned to the fact that come late November/early December I'll be finishing my week day 8/10 milers in pitch black conditions....yea!!!

If it's October then the race calendar is overflowing w/ opportunities for me  to "test the waters" of competitive running....should I feel so inclined.....but I don't.
I passed on the annual trek to Syracuse for the Masters 5K Road Race c'ships this past weekend and this coming weekend at nearby Belmont Plateau there's the Jack St Clair XC 5 miler but frankly getting my can kicked by a bunch of younger college runners isn;t going to tell me anything re where I'm at in my training and while the following weeks 5K XC Catholic League has some merit to it I'll pass on that also,as I'd rather hit Temple's track for my 8x300x200x300m repeats.
The following day the masses will be heading to Dear Park Path in Flemington New Jersey for the Masters 5K XC C'ships and while it was a race that did appeal me on a few levels most of all the timing of it again I elected to take a pass there will be time enough to test myself mano e mano once the track season gets under way,besides which I never renewed my 2013 USATF membership which makes me ineligable also.

So it's the road less travelled for moi for another 11 to 14 weeks till my first Indoor track race,more time to hone my speed and hopefully make a sizable splash  to mark my return to the competitive ranks of running,hopefully somethings are worth the wait.....

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