Monday, October 21, 2013

Walk Of Life

Unlike last month following my 8x300x200x300m repeats I was able to get out and conduct my Sunday 10 miler to round out a 6th 5 day/40mpw in the 12 weeks,I can live w/ batting 500 as long as there are more 5 day/40mpw moving forward into the "business section" on my pre season training.
Conditions were sunny and warm when I set off just b4 11am a rare treat over the last few days was the donning of my shades.....though I feel anyone who knows me would recognise me from my trademark bandanna....and or swearing at motorists or reacting to being overtaken along Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr.......!!!!
Going into the run I was aware of the annual Philly Aids Walk around the Art Museum Loop,what I couldn't be sure of was which direction the walkers would be going and if thos would have any effect on my run along Kelly Dr.

I need not have worried,the walkers were going anti clockwise from the Art Museum steps up Kelly Dr,over the Falls bridge and back down West River Dr and my portion of the run from Lloyd Hall to the 2 mile marker my turn around for a 10 miler went unhindered.
Don't misunderstand me,I thinks it's wonderful so many people are willing to walk in the fight against Aids,I have friends in the gay community who have lost family and love ones to the disease but thanks in part to likes of the masses in each city who march each year for the cause Aids research has come along way and is no longer the death sentence it was first thought as when the epidemic first broke out in the early 80's,keep up the good work people.

Maybe the prospect of the Aids Walk kept the numbers down from the regular amount of runners I see out on Kelly Dr on a Sunday,case in point my "cat and mouse" game from 4.75 miles to 7 miles,I only counted three runners heading south as I made my way to the  5 mile turnaround but nonetheless gave chase catching #1 and #2 w/ a mile to go and eventually #3 w/ 3/4s of a mile to go b4 Lloyd Hall.
Given the tenderness in my right achilles post Saturdays repeats I was just happy to be out running,last month I only managed a few strides b4 thinking better of it,no such worries this month as I rounded out week 12 of my training since the all clear in early August,unless there's an Armory Holiday meet on Dec 26th{no word either way as of yet} then in all likihood the Indoor season will kick off on January 9th w/ the first of the Thursday Nite At The Races Series also at the Armory which would be 12 weeks from this past Thursday.......the countdown is on

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