Monday, October 7, 2013

Moonwalkin' @ Temple

I said after my initial set of repeats in August they were akin to"throwin' Linguine at the wall and seeing what stuck" and in September I now had legit times to chase,ergo in October looking to improve upon what I'd done in September.
For the record September's 4x1 mile repeats went:

I arrived at Temple by 10.45am  and conditions already felt warm,I dread to think how they'd have been if I'd arrived an hour later.
The often omnipresent wind at Temple's track was missing today....something I could've done w/ as the breeze would have offered some relife from the heat.....evidently nobody had told the weather gods it was the first Saturday of October........

#1 mile
WOW! My fastest mile repeat to date,could I keep this up? I switched from my short sleeve shirt to my sleeveless shirt as the heat was already a factor after 1 mile.....

#2 mile
I knew it was hot when I could see beads of sweat bouncing off my head as I began my second mile!!
After opening in a reasonable 1.26 I then clocked back to back to back 1.30s....hopefully this was a one off and I could rebound on #3......

#3 mile
Oh boy! the heat had clearly become an issue now,bad enough 4 of 5 quarters had been 1.30 but then a 1.31 thrown in for good measure....keeping #4 under 6.00 was now a goal......

#4 mile
Coming off the line I could tell there was no pop or zip in my legs which was reflected by the 1.28-3.00-4.32 400m.800m,1,200m times and if I wanted to get under 6.00 I'd better pull my finger out....hence the 1.20 final lap and 5.52.7 closing mile.

Clearly a backwards step after last month but who could have imagined this kind of heat in October? to put things in prespective,last Saturday post 6x600m repeats my liter of water bottle was still half full and I only drunk a Big Gulp

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