Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Sunday

Whoever laid claim to the mindset that "Sundays are for sleeping in,reading the Sunday paper and watching football on tv" was NOT a runner!!!!!

I had the luxury of it being an "international week" in soccer so no EPL schedule to build my Sunday long run around but I did cop the Japanese Grand Prix on NBCSN having dvr'd the race from 2am to watch when I got up,I love Formula One but NOT enough to sit up between 2am and 4.30am to watch it live......unless it's a race that my beloved Ferrari can clinch the World C'ship.....which if you follow F1 you know won't be this season......more's the pity!!

Out the door by 11.20am I may have gotten the attire right going w/ short sleeves but got it wrong w/ eyeware,should've gone w/ shades as I was squinting like crazy on the inbound leg of my 10 miler.
I opted for the 10 miler even though I'd put in a 10 miler on Wednesday in antisipation of logging an 8 miler on Thursday b4 another 8 miler on Saturday b4 hitting the track Sunday for 5x1,000m repeats.....till the rain came along and screwed that schedule up for me.
Conditions were pleasent enough out there,b4 runs end my dri fit shirt was nice and sweat soaked but NOT to the degree it was last Sunday when it was 86 degrees,none the less at this time of year any time I've worked up a sweat is a reminder Fall and Winter have not kicked in just yet.

For once there were next to no runners going south along Kelly Dr when I passed the 4.75 marker so nobody to chase for the next 2.5 miles but my run wasn't w/out a chase.......
Just after I passed the Art Museum I got passed by not one,but two runners who were running together,I dislke being overtaken by one runner muchless getting double teamed and even though my initial  reaction was to let them go I tucked in behind them for 600m b4 getting back ahead of them and making sure I stayed ahead of them from the Amatrack railway bridge to the Schuylkill Path footbridge.

I won't deny feeling a little "leggy" over the final couple of miles but I had enough in hand to see out my second 10 miler in five days.
A four day/34mpw as I back off of the "mileage whore" mindset these days and prefer quality over quantity I have to say 2 10 milers plus a 17 second overall improvement on my 5x1,000m from a month ago feels like a good week,11 down 10 or 12 to go till the Indoor season kicks off

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