Thursday, October 17, 2013

Inspiration,Perspiration,No Despiration

"And I'm ready to run,ready to fall think I'm ready to lose it all,keep me running,you keep me running,never give up,never give up"
Running-Jessie Ware

Back into the daily routine after my World Cup quallifier day off on Tuesday,if I had one concern in August when I resumed training it was that my year long sabatical from a competitive mindset might make me "soft" and not return to the rigours of "getting after it" 5 days a week,in week 12 I don't seem to have such concerns now,there have only been a handful of days I haven't gotten out there when I was meant to,long may that continue!
Not that I lacked inspiration going into my scheduled 8 miler yesterday but if there was an fear that I may be tempted back into "old habits" of coming home and taking a "zen like" attitude w/ my recliner then the Jessie Ware video for "Running" took care of that,let me tell ya "girlfriend's got it going on" in that video.....but don't take my word for it,check it out for yourself.

Conditions were grey and overcast but a comforttable 69 degrees.....maybe too comfortable if the sweat coming off my bandan and dri fit shirt post run were an indication......and I thought the Jessie Ware video had me all hot and bothered!!!!!!
A text book 1.20 8 miler,why crank it up and leave all my energies out on the Wednesday run when Saturdays repeats are the always all consuming 8x300x200x300m?

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