Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Six Is The Sign Of The Unicorn

It's universally accepted that three sixes is the sign of the devil{and NOT my Social Security number!!!!} therefore one six should be the sign of the Unicorn.........given I only run a six miler once every month on the third week of my training cycle it's about as rare as a Unicorn!!!
Given my penchant for 8 milers and 10 milers out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr the 6 miler feels out of place these days but on week three of my cycle I tend to go 6,8,8,8,10 to round put at 40mpw......
I could go 5x8 miles but the Sunday "long run" aka 10 miles has become a staple and also sets it aside from the weekeday 8 milers unless I turned the weekday 8 milers into 9 milers and then went 45mpw......something to ponder down the road if need be.....

Conditions were sunny and warm,70 degrees,I could live w/ this for the week it's around this time of year you treat each nice day such as this as potentially the last one b4 the weather turns.
A shorter run and earlier start meant encountering more pedestrian traffic than usual....and more choice turns of phrase from yours truly,especially "Tubby" and here iphone as she blindly ingnored the runner heading towards her at the end of Franklin Field,clearly from her gurth she had an app for fast food joints on her phone,perhaps an app for runner approaching might not go a miss........just saying!

And even on  a short run I found myself playing the "thou shall not pass" game along the Schuylkill Banks, just as i was making my way to the end of the banks heading south "Big Red" comes hurtling up on my inside reinacting the time honoured "run like you stole it"
At first I thought he was going to circle the loop and head back north along the bank but proceeded to head up the footbridge......time for yours truly to show him what I had "beneath the hood" and a clear pair of heals as i left him in my wake.....thanks for playing you've been  a wonderful contestant....good nite!

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