Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wow! hard to believe it's October 1st already,seems like only yesterday I was getting the all clear to resume training on August 1st and now I'm into week 10 of that.
My goals in September were atainable enough,get consistant in training after a little bit of a stutter start in August and also improve on my August repeat times,I'd like to think I did both in spades and now as I head into the third month of training I'd like to keep that 5 day/40mpw schedule flowing and also continue to lower my weekly repeat times beginning Saturday w/ 4x1mile repeats.

However b4 I get to Saturday there's the oh so small matter of laying the ground work for the week and my 5 day/40mpw goal,my schedule is reasonably straightforward 8 milers on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday{kept Thursday free so i can come home and watch Spurs vs Anzhi in the Europa League!}
According to the boffins at the Met Office this week is going to be in the high 70's maybe even 80 degrees....good job I didn't rotate my sleeveless running shirts to the bottom of my tote bins just yet!
I got a slightly later later start yestersday than usual,most days I'm heading out on my run by 4.20pm but due to not leaving work till 3.35pm it was closer to 4.30pm when I got home and 4.50pm b4 I was back out the door to get my first 8  miler of the week in.

Conditions were sunny and warm,73 degrees when I hit "the office"{Schuylkill Banks} by 5.10pm and made my way to the 1 mile marker on Kelly Dr.
Had a couple of uh oh moments on the inbound 4 miles, my right lower shin was sore,it's been a while since the dreaded Shin Splints issue has reared it's ugly head,it meant post run I had 15 mins of icing my right shin b4 15 mins of icing my right achilles,"Diamonds My Be A Girls Best Friend" but it's actual ice that runners seek for comfort.
The other issue is a slightly delicate one,I noticed it last week and again on Sunday....runners nipple......stop snickering!!!!
It's not an uncommon issue but I always thought that was more pertanent over longer runs seems strange to be dealing w/ it over 8/10 mile runs anyway now I've got that to deal w/ also,proving two well worn adages"if it aint one thing it's another" and the time honoured Linford Christie quote"As an athlete,you're always injured" even if it's only sensitive nipples.......stop laughing it's not that funny!!!

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