Monday, October 7, 2013

Moonwalkin' @ Temple Continued

Sorry about that,poxy pc has gremlins and forced me to send when I wasn't finished,as I was saying last Saturday after the 6x600m repeats I still had half a liter of water in my water bottle and only drank a Seven Elevan Big Gulp of Fruit Punch Gatorade post workout..... this Saturday my liter of water had been drunk at the compleation of the #4 mile and upon hitting the nearby Temple campus Seven Elevan a downed a Super Big Gulp of Fruit Punch Gatorade

One final foot note on the weather,when I woke up on Saturday morning around 8.30am and saw the sun streaming in through my bedroom window I couldn't help but think ahead to the first Saturday in November when I next conduct 4x1 mile repeats......I can imagine conditions being quite  so warn then.....and hopefully my mile times will be a little more respectable.....

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