Thursday, October 3, 2013

I've Seen It All Now.....

In over 37 years of running I've seen more or less everything you could imagine...and then some but that old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" didn't ring true yesterday afternoon on my 8 miler.
Obviously running along side the Schuylkill River presents unique situations,Ive seen it flood the banks,I once witnessed it freeze over so badly an ice skater was out there but NEVER have I been forced to stop dead in my track to allow a gaggle of Geese cross the path......there really is a first time for everything I guess!!!!

Just behind the Art Museum and b4 Boathouse Row there's a section of grass that slopes down towards the river and I've seen Geese both on the river and on the grass but NEVER a gaggle of them slowly waddling along crossing the path that runners,walkers,cyclists,use  to get to the river,runners and cyclists in both directions myself included were all reduced to a halt as they slowly made their way across,I had to laugh to myself as I waited for them to get across the path they didn't seem to be in any hurry.....time may wait for no man but it will wait for a gaggle of Geese evidently!!!

Geese crossing aside an incident free run,83 degrees which is  somewhat of a blessing from Mother Nature,shades,shorts and sleeveless conditions if ever there were and it looks to stay that way till next week.
Thankfully no shin or nipple issues on this run,I'm hoping two days rest will help the soreness in my shin heal while the application of Vaseline on my nipples seems to have stopped that issue from becoming a daily thing.

For whatever reason I felt a little "leg weary" b4 the end of the run,initially from the knees down but over tthe final mile from the waist down....I'm NOT about to blame the heat but it was noticable,that said I still averaged a 1.20 8 miler in keeping w/ the past two days when my legs weren't feeling it.....and I wasn't being forced to stop dead in my tracks to allow Geese to cross infront of me.......GEESE!!!!!

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