Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Perfect Day For Leaving The Super Hero Cape At Home......

A rare day time run today,my choice to do my workouts Monday thro Friday recently has meant w/ the exception of my Friday repeats all my other runs are conducted under the cover of darkness but given I had some leeway w/ this weeks schedule I opted to blow off Mondays scheduled run knowing I had the luxury of Saturday to "handle my business" and w/ that yours truly was out the door at 2pm to tackle a 14 miler/Art Museum Loop run.

The original plan was to run at 12pm but that got pushed back,in the general scheme of things no big deal for the first time in four months I'm "at a loose end" on a Saturday,Candice is off having a "Girls Night" w/ her friend Jacqui which leaves me to my own devices all day.......SHITE this is how my sad sack of a sorry existence was BC....Before Candice.........and while I don't begrudge her and Jacqui and evening together I don't wish to make a habit of spending my Saturdays alone either!!!!
Out the door around 2pm the sun may've been out but I soon discovered it was "freeze the knackers off a brass monkey" cold at the mile I was sorely tempted to turn around and head home to dig my gloves out,I opted to ball my fists up and cover them w/the sleeves of my Spurs half zip top,note to self cop the local news over the weekend and check the seven day forecast ye old running tights and gloves may be getting pulled out of mothballs this week!

Comfortable 9-10 min mile pace as ever on these runs my 10-12-13-14 milers tend to be about just logging the miles preferring to save my knee lift,leg turnover and speed for my weekly visit to the track,that said given the "Brass Monkeys" feel out on the loop today there was a need to "get her done" and w/ each mile marker behind me the smile on my face grew wider as I got closer to home.
W/ a slew of 12/13 milers under my belt of late I needn't fear a "long run" ok so doing the whole loop and in daylight threw an unfamiliar element into my game plan but w/ any Loop Run there comes a certain sense of self preservation/satisfaction reaching the half way point at Falls Bridge,given that w/in a 1/4 mile I reach my 13 mile turnaround marker I can hit "cruise control" and rely on muscle memory to see me home.

Reaching the 10 mile mark there was a desire to "pick up the pace" a little,even under the sleeves of my half zip I could feel a numbness in my fingers and thumbs,it's been real,it's been fun,but can we just get it done!!
Home by 4pm and a hot shower b4 grabbing ye olde laptop and heading to the nearby Starbucks to post my latest entry,as my former roommate often said "the run isn't done till you've blogged it".....consider it blogged!!

PS Proving that Super Heroes get days off too no "Captain Feckin' Obvious" sightings on my long run....a good day for the trusty Tri Colour cape w/ a green Shamrock in the middle to stay on the back of my bedroom door......fear not I'm sure come nightfall on Monday I'll be required to dig it out again as I bollock some motorist or cyclist!!!!!!

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