Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Never Let It Be Said I Wasn't Willing To Shed A Little Blood For The Cause

An easy 12 miler to keep things ticking along as I try to close in on my goal of 1,500 miles for the year.
At 43 degrees conditions were mild again last nite,I'm still rocking the three quarter length bottoms and half zip top attire and probably will be able to for the rest of this week although I will fess up to rolling my sleeves down by the time I reached Kelly Dr last nite the six degree difference between Monday and Tuesday was noticable.

W/ my mindset very much "all about the run" these past two weeks it's interesting to note the differences in attitude I have, Saturday nite I finally sat down to watch the mens and womens elite races from 5th Avenue Mile which have been on my dvr since mid September,I spent the last two nites watching the Women's Marathon from the Bejing World Championships that has also been on the dvr since late August and I still have a few track meets on there plus four more "Athletix" episodes to watch, I trust they will serve to motivate me over the coming weeks in my build up to the upcoming Indoor season.

I found my "holy trinity" of Irish Milers pictures, Ronnie Delaney winning the 56 Melbourne Olympic 1,500m final,Eamonn Coghlan running the first Masters sub 4.00 mile at Harvard in 94 and Marcus O Sullivan whos 101 sub 4 minute miles still ranks 3rd all time behind Steve Scott and John Walker and duly scotch taped them to the inside of my front door, they will be the last thing I see b4 leaving for each run/race and should serve as a reminder to the "Shamrock Warrior" mindset I want to return to this season especially Indoors where Ronnie.Eamonn and Marcus were prolific throughout their illustrious careers.
I also found the inspirational quote I wrote  a year ago and never posted,maybe I wasn't as focused/committed on last season as I thought I was..........

Nothing out of the ordinary to report on the run other than yours truly slagging off a jerk off motorist at the junction of 48th and Cedar,I love how it's a 4 way stop sign but "jag off" decided that didn't apply to him and forced me to go behind his car........congrats prick when you got to the corner of 48th and Baltimore I guarantee you had to stop at either a red light or wait to turn onto Baltimore Ave or continue across 48th st......those three seconds made a world of difference eh?????
The real "fun and games came post run,removing my Spurs half zip top I discovered a fair size blood stain on the left side of my white Spurs training shirt......
Had I been shot or stabbed w/out knowing during my run??????? NO my left nipple had gotten sore enough to bleed during the run,it's a common enough affliction for us runners although not one I've suffered for a while.....I'm more pissed it happened this week when I opted for the white shirt.....could've happened last week when I wore my blue Spurs shirt could it?????

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