Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mazel Tov

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and readers,Shalom my friends.
If last week was about recentering myself on personal,professional and running levels then this week is about "walking the walk,talking the talk and .....running the run"
The schedule for this week  is: Monday 10 miles,Tuesday 12 miles, Wednesday 12 miles, Thursday 10 miles, and Friday 6 miles on the track to round me out at a 5 day/50mpw....."not a lot when you say it quick" as my father would often joke but there's no joking matter involved here trust me!

As I said to Candice on the way to her parents house on Sunday to put the Xmas Tree up{I know look what being in love has done to me I'm fully embracing the holidays......who knew "The Grinch" had it in him to embrace the holidays?????? #thepowerof love} there can be no more "false dawns" in my prep for Albuquerque.
In the past I've begun my prep too soon and potentially left some of my legs out on the sidewalks and track leading upto a National Champuionship this time just like a prize fighter I head into "training camp" w/ 13 weeks to sharpen and hone my skills so when the bell rings I'm a lean mean running machine.
Granted I have left little to no "wiggle room" if we encounter bad weather during the Winter,which here on the East Coast is always a possibility but I'll cross,burn,paint,jump from that bridge if and when the time comes.

An easy 10 miler to kick the week off,conditions were pleasently mild for this time of year 49 degrees and according to the weather peeps it'll stay around that mark for the week,at least no rain in the forecast which should help.
Obviously at this time of year it's only the hardened dedicated runners out there out and back along Kelly Drive in the pitch black of the evening getting their run on, ye olde "birds of a feather flock together" mindset I guess
Out by 4.30pm,home by 6.pm 10 miles, 90 mins at 9 min mile pace a nice start to the week,one down four to go.......

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