Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Life In Turnaround

Another 12 miler to keep me on pace for a 5 day/50mpw, nothing  out of the ordinary to report a fairly bog standard out and back run following the "sidewalk well travelled": East along Cedar Ave into Baltimore Ave,over to Spruce St/South St Bridge b4 heading  North along the Schuylkill footpath/Schuylkill Banks b4 eventually morphing into Kelly Drive and out to roughly half a mile b4 the Falls Bridge at the 6 mile turnaround b4 heading back.

53 degrees last nite......I'm loving it another nite for sleeves rolled up and three quarter length bottoms but I know this can't last forever so much so that on my wish list from Eastbay which I'm about to pull the trigger on for new flats,spikes and running uniform for the upcoming season is a Under Armour Coldgear Hood so that I can deal w/ the inevitable cold weather come Winter.
No bleeding or chafing to report.......and no more "claret" on my white Spurs training shirt although there was potential for "Claret" being spilt just over a mile from the finish.......
Heading up Spruce St to the lights between 37th and 38th St I thought I was going to have to stop at the red light......not the worst thing in the world on an easy run......however shooting a glance at the pedestrian light I saw 8 seconds on the count down.....which would indicate the light was in  MY  favour.........cue some "Lance Armstrong" chav on his bike who decides he's not waiting for the light to change and begins to advance {illegally I hasten to add!!!} up Spruce St just as I attempt to cross the lights that are STILL in my favour.........
"It's a fuckin' red light" I informed said Chav......there may also have been some vailed reference to "see you next Tuesday"{if you catch my drift......} Just keeping it real!!!!!!

I've know,or had a good idea what my upcoming Indoor season schedule is for  a week or so,like alot of things it's written in pencil in case I need to change it......which I have already!!!!!
My first draft looked like this:
1.10 3,000m @ USATF NJ C'ships
1.14 Mile @ TNATR NYC Armory
1.23 Mile @ Hartshorne Masters Mile Cornell
1.28 1,000m @ TNATR NYC Armory
2.4 800m @ TNATR NYC Armory
2.7 TBD @ USATF NYC C'ships Point Breeze
3.5 Mile @ Indoor Nationals Albuquerque
3.6 800m @ Indoor Nationals Albuquerque

First issue 2.7 meet got moved to 2.14    YEAH that's happening!!!! prior to 4 months ago I would have had no issue running a track meet on Valentine's Day but that's not the case now....and I'm ok w/ that I have to say
1.10 has also "fallen by the way side" due to a "schedule conflict" in fairness it has to be said the 3,000m was more of a "shits and giggles" exercise to see where I was at w/ these 40/45/50/55 mile weeks under my belt,since Indoor Nationals is at altitude in Albuquerque I won't be runing the 3,000m there so nixing the race not the end of the world,glass half full no race that week allows an extra repeat session so "no harm,no foul" in my opinion.

In the past few days my club has raised the issue of going after the M50 4X800M American Record which stands at 9.02.56 it's roughly 2.15 per man the issue is finding four guys fit and able to run 2.13 or quicker.....and have all their schedules mesh!!!
So far the three dates that were floated as potential meets to have a crack at the record have all been a "conflict of interst" for me 1.10- 1.31- 2.14 I offered 3.18 as an alternative......only to realize this too is a "conflict of interest" also.....hey ho!
Should the club go ahead w/out me I won't cry foul or play the hurt feelings card and should they get their names in the records book fair play to them I will be one of the first to offer my congratulations,should we find an alternate date to include me in the attempt that's fine too.....but the latter seems unlikely.......and I'm ok w/ that.

I said in a previous entry that for the first time in quite some time Running is NOT the "first and last word" in my life these days,YES I,m still willing to do what I have to do HOWEVER I march to the beat of a different drum now and I'm VERY ok w/ that.

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