Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting All Carl Lewis On Yo Arse!

Hard to imagine much less remember a time when I didn't blog but way back when I would write all my races/workouts in a log book and on the inside cover of each log book I would write an inspirational running quote or two,one that still resonates w/ me is the Carl Lewis quote "I just wanted to know I left it all out there on the track".......words to live by indeed!

Due to work being BAB....Balls Arse Busy I couldn't blog last nites easy 10 miler from 7am till 2pm my feet hardly touched the ground I thought I was a feckin 747 Pilot!!!!!
The bullet points from last nite:easy 10 miler at probably 10 min mile pace wishing to conserve my already slightly leg weary legs{upper thighs began to feel sore on Wednesdays second 12 miler} 51 degrees and YES I slagged off another motorist who blew through a red light when I had the right of way.......seriously is my running attire to be mistaken for the costume of renowned Irish Super Hero "Captain Feckin Obvious" cos each time one of these feckin ejits ignore the red lights I'm forced to state the obvious "it's a feckin red light you......{feel free to apply which ever colourful Celtic greeting you feel I may use.....there are several!!}

On the back of an already busy day and having logged 44 miles over the last 4 days I could be forgiven for feeling "cream crackered" b4 I even arrived at Temple's track at Geasey Field around 3.45pm.....I was half tempted to say"feck it" and head straight home but the Scorpio in me says "bend don't brake" not to mention a lifetimes growing up Irish Catholic means I'm riddled w/ guilt to begin w/ I wasn't about to banajax my weekend knowing I blew off said repeat period so I dragged my sorry weary carcass to the track,if I fell on my arse so be it but I'd rather try and know I failed rather than second guess myself......and maybe just maybe I'd come away from the session pleasantly surprised......tis the season for miracles afterall!!!!

Next to no activity on the track which always suits yer man here I prefer to conduct my repeats in lane 1 if possible not weaving all over the feckin track thank you very much!
5 lap warm up,not sure of the exact temps but it was mild enough to shed ye olde Spurs cap and halfzip which I've worn during the week only because it may be daylight at 4.30pm when I start my runs but by 5pm it's dark,knowing I'd be all done and dusted this afternoon b4 dusk afforded me the rare luxury of shedding a cap and layer.
As a refresher here are last weeks splits/overall times

Out of my regular shoes and into my flats it was "showtime"

Feck! I knew I was in trouble when I opened in 1.24,w/ hindsight too conservative an opening and minus 11 seconds compared to last Friday.....double feck!!

Well at least I wasn't "mailing it in" a tad uneven but the same time as last Friday.....still minus 11 though....

Either I misread my 400m/800m splits or  really tanked the closing 200m either way the watch read 3.16.20.....almost identical to last weeks 1,000m....still not mailing it in...still in the negative by 11 seconds.

Hello beautiful! how'd ya like me now!!!! 5 seconds clawed back but running out of track........

Put that feckin fork down! Forde not done yet!!!! another 3 seconds clawed back now only negative three no pressure but a 64 second closing 400m would allow me to brake even....63 seconds and I'd be a second up.........

Have I not given you value for your money? have ye not been thoroughly entertained by "himself"  this evening??????

Ok so negative 3!! uneven splits double boo!! but the fact A I even went to the track despite being knackered and  B didn't "mail it in"after opening at minus 11 allows me to some kudos
I knew last week off 26 miles and today off 44 miles would be a factor but I've "nailed my colours to the mast" Monday thro Friday it is w/ repeats on a Friday on tired legs if need be....lets see what next Friday brings.....but lets enjoy the weekend off first eh?

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