Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Channeling My Inner Billy Bragg

By my own admission I was a lazy fuckin' chav in November.......there I said it!!!!!
4 runs totalling 40 miles is NOT going to get it done and w/ that in mind I set out to kick December off in style on the first of the month w/ an easy 13 miler.

For the first time in eons I'm having to juggle being a runner w/ being in a relationship.........fairly unchartered terrortory for yours truly since the early 90s,my last two relationships prior to meeting Candice came during a non running period of my life so now I'm having to work out how to do's a work in progress and one that requires some thought.......which is what a 1 hour 50 minute 13 mile runs allows me...... a simple solution for a complicated person!!
It's not just my running that has been thrown off I stopped updating  my diary{I know the irony right I kept a daily journal for years I began Dec 27th 1994  and for most of those years sweet fuck all was going on in my life,now I actually have a life and I've struggled to stay abreast of it w/ my diary!!!!}
Also my reading has taken a back seat of late,in fairness that's been ongoing most of the year but I am  six pages shy of compleating my 12th book this year so I still hold a book a month average.

Prehaps Candice's recent bout of Gastroenitis is the universes way of telling us reevaluate how we've been doing things,for Candice's part she has been and continues to be 100% supportive of my running which helps,the issue could be for me I'm not 100% sure if I want to continue running competitively....
This is nothing new I have wrestled w/ the issue for several years,I think what kept me going was running was all I had going for me in my life.......NOT so nowadays and while I don't wish to turn my back on running altogether the desire to compete at Nationals requires a level of training and commitment I'm not sure I have right now?

Given the upcoming 2016 season marks my 40th season of competitive running I find myself somewhat committed to the cause although there feels like there's a caveat attatched,why not bow out after this season? the fact 2017 Nationals are Albuqerque{again!!!} and Louisiana means at this point in time I don't forsee me going thus allowing myself an out if you like........this  could all change but at this point in time going into the 2016 season knowing there isn't going to be a 2017 season make it easier to committ to this season.

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