Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Once More W/ {Considerable} Feeling

Final run/repeat of 2015 the tried and tested "Mo Farah" workout mile 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 w/ three min recoveries.
Arrived at Temple's Geasey Field at 3.55pm a few more peeps on the track today than recently but by in large had lane 1 to myself when I needed it....more or less.........

Five lap warm up b4 getting into my flats and into "have at it mode" one last time this year

Three seconds down on Thursday,that 1.26 on lap two could bite me in the arse b4 repeats end

A few weeks ago 3.58 was a good 1,200m time,tonites 3.56 was a second down on Thursday putting me -4 after 2 of my 6 repeats.....

A feckin'second slower than Thursday,I could've done w/out having to swing wide into lane 2 down the home straight to go around "Plod".....hey Gobshite including my warm up you've seen me for 14.5 laps did it not FECKIN' occur to you to stay in lane 2 -5 at half way.....

Shut the front door and hold the front page!
Yeah 1.12-1.18 is as uneven as feck but 2.30 is 2.30 1.15-1,15 works but I'd clawed back 2 seconds -3 but running out of track.....

Oh it's on like feckin' Donkey Kong Now!!!!!
Three seconds faster than Thursday and not only a new pr for the 600m{in the context of the repeat} but I was even steven going into the 400m......

The fact feck and bollocks reverberated around Geasey Field upon my crossing the line tell you I came up short,no repeat of Thursdays 66.10 and -2 on the day

Yes I'm gutted to come up short by 2 seconds however considering after the 1,000m I was -5 I could've mailed it in....I didn't....that is NOT my style,never has been,never will be

So 2015 is in the books,I have one more "Mo Farah" repeat next Thursday to conclude "phase one" of my prep for Indoor season,two weeks from tonite I will be preparing for my 2016 Indoor debut at The Armory in my beloved NYC,I'll have an idea of where I'm at then 7 weeks out from Albuquerque

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