Friday, December 18, 2015

Fight Ya For A Fiver,Kill Ya For A Tenner!!!!

Not sure of the origins of that'd think MMA Champ Connor McGregor might use it as his battle cry but yours truly{the other Paddy w/ fists of fury and likely to kick yer feckin arse at the drop of a hat....or rolling through a red light!!!} adopted it as his mantra last nite......

The original plan was to do 12 miles however from early morning to mid afternoon it was to put it mildly......pissing down,I did not fancy running in that even w/ waterproofs but my "get out of jail free" card was having the weekend more or less free,not as great an emphasis as having to get my 55 miles in Monday  thro Friday,opting to do my Center City chores Thursday and not post repeats on Friday bought me some time so much so when I arrived home just b4 5pm the heavy rain had stopped this rain I could tackle w/ my Spurs rain jacket and USATF warm up bottoms  so I promply got into said running gear and was back out the door,Sunday was suddenly a free day again!!!!!!!!

Having already loggged 12 and 13 miles and knowing Friday would be 6 miles on the track I figured why not go 10 last nite and leave myself an Art Museum Loop 14 miler Saturday lunchtime to round out my 55mpw.......I love it when a plan comes together!!
Out the door gone 5pm I probably could've gotten away w/ my regular running attire but ever the Boy Scout I went w/ my rain jacket and light warm up bottoms.......prehaps the fact I wasn't in my regular renowned Irish Super Hero Captain Feckin' Obvious costume is what through off Numb Nuts at 40th & Baltimore Ave......
Glass half full I was only 10 blocks into my run better to get my nightly bollockin' out of the way half's a feckin red light prick!!!!!!

W/ that unpleasentness out of my system I was able to"dial it in" an easy out and back 10 miler,w/  my repeats on tap for this evening no need to go full throtle just put the miles in and stay on pace for my 55 mile week.
The fact I got myself out the door w/out having to dig deep or make barter deals w/ myself to do so tells me I'm motivated right now,not only for trying to reach the 1,500 mile yearly total but also for lying the groundwork here in December for the upcoming Indoor season.......

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