Friday, December 18, 2015

Trying To Negotiate The Always Tricky Third Album Syndrome.......

Pivotal third "Mo Farah" workout of six b4 I move into phase two of my prep for Indoor Nationals in Albuquerque.
Arrived at a  deserted Geasey Field at 3.45pm conditions were sunny but brisk,unlike last week when I shed my baseball cap and half zip this evening I kept them in place.
Five lap warm up and into my flats,no time like now to "have at it"
Last week I went:
5.35.64-3.58.85-3.16.20-2.32.00-1.50.47-67.96       my plus/minus from the previous week was minus 3..

A four second improvement from last Friday when I felt I went out too conservatively in the mile,maybe coming into today on the back of 35 miles not 44 was helping.....

After back to back weeks of 3.58's I felt "peeved" to not only  go 3 seconds slower but also lose some of the gains from the mile,still plus 1 though....

Nice! three seconds faster than last week,having closed in 43 seconds over the final 200m last week tonites 36 sat far better,plus/minus now plus 4....

Yea for even splits,boo for losing 4 even.....

Practically identical to last week 1.14/36 1.50.47 to  1.14/36 1.50, minus even.......

The chorus of "fuck,fuck.....motherfucker!!!" as I checked my watch at the finishline summed up the outcome,a second slower than last week 67.96 to 68.27

In the general scheme of things still a good workout,to quote my former coach "there's still meat on that bone" over the next three weeks I hope to go faster,Pancho Gonzales famously said of his protege Jimmy Connors "he takes losses like losing teeth" I feel a trip to the Dentist is in order fucking second it maybe but even in repeats I refuse to settle for second best!

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