Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bakers Dozen

Easy 12 miler to kick off this pivitol week of training for yours truly.
Last year I fell  short of my target mileage  for the year come Dec 31st,1,478 miles 22 miles below the 1,500 I'd set myself,at the start of this week I knew in order to hit the 1,500 plateau this year I need 55 miles this week,45 next week and 45 the week after......should  I manage that I will have 1,509 miles logged for 2015......

There is little to no margin for error,I need to nail the upcoming 13 runs so last nite begun the unofficial "13 days of Christmas".
My cause is made slightly harder given the next two weeks include Xmas and New Years.obvs w/ New Years Eve falling on a  Thursday I have to take care of business Monday thro Thursday that week and as for next week I would rather have my "Mince Pies and eat them" and handle my business Monday thro Thursday and then enjoy Xmas w/ my girlfriend and her family and not have to concern myself w/ "getting my miles in" over the weekend.

Out the door a little after 4.30pm it was a mild evening,53 degrees according to trusty Peco Tower on my way back south on the Schuylkill Banks after the turnaround at 6 miles,still going w/:baseball cap,half zip and 3/4 length bottoms untill the temps drop although after passing Lloyd Hall at  mile 3 I rolled my sleeves down as the wind whipping up off the nearby Schuylkill River was beginning to take a toll on my bare arms.

Nowth spectacular to report on this run, I wasn't in any great hurry to get home given last nites "hot date" was w/ a bag of desire to burn running shoe rubber to get home for that trust me!
And b4 anyone asks..... YES renowned Irish Super Hero "Captain Feckin' Obvious" made his nightly cameo apperarence...."Word Up"
Crossing the traffic lights at 37th and Spruce by UPenn red light for the motorists 9 seconds for pedestrians to cross here comes "Noddy" on his bike ignoring the red light as I ran across the crossing
"it's a feckin a red light ...silly bollocks"...... these feckers will be the death of me I swear......!!!

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