Saturday, December 5, 2015

Easy Does It Celtic Tiger

A rare Saturday Spurs game followed by a rare Saturday run.......told ye tis the season of changes!!!!
It's daft to think that in the space of four day this week I've ran the exact same amount of miles I did the entire month of November......cue Bono"sing this w/ me this is 40".....
13 on Tuesday,another 13 Thursday,6 yesterday on the track followed by an easy/recovery 8 miles at lunchtime.
Had I gotten off me arse Sunday when Candice went home early w/ Gastroenteritis and knocked out Laundry I could be looking at a 5 day/50mpw by virtue of a 10 miler on Monday.....but I didn't so a 4 day/40mpw it is but having done feck all last week maybe it was wiser to ease my way back into the swing of things 4day/40mpw this week,5 day/50mpw next week.

I have to say running at 12.20pm in the broad daylight was a welcome change of pace can't recall when I last wore my shades for a run.
Won't front or lie was happy today was only 8 miles my upper thighs and calves were a little sore but that was to be expected I guess I'm glad I opted to hit the track last nite on the way home give the proximity of Temple College from work on the way home as opposed to schlepping all the way over there this lunchtime,there was also the "Brucie bonus" of being able to conduct said repeats on tired legs there will be days I have to race on tired legs so a little "practice makes perfect" never hurts I guess.

A decent number of runners out there this lunchtime and why not it was sunny and mild it felt a bit of a cheat to only do 8 miles but given my perpencity for "round figures" being on 32 miles to begin w/ 8 miles for an even 40 seemed right but frankly I'm not sure I could have mustered more,10 in a pinch,12  might've been tough.....but there'll be plenty of that during the week as I plan to go:10 12 12 10 6 Monday thro Friday to get my 50 miles in.
One final foot note{no pun intended since this is a running blog afterall.....} often in the past I feel I've begun my campaigns for either Indoor or Outdoor Nationals too early by more or less blowing most of November off I find myself 13 weeks out from Indoor Nationals and Albuquerque, I feel that's enough time to whip these old bones into shape,wheater I go 5,5,3 {5 weeks of weekly repeats,5 weeks of weekly races 3 weeks of cool down} or go 6,4,3{ there could be a "conflict of interest" around what was originally slated as my season debut over 3,000m at the USATF NJ C'shps on Jan 10th} either way 13 weeks should be plenty of time to get myself mentally and physically ready for the lure of that so far elusive Indoor National Championship.......

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