Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rage Against The Machine

13 miler to keep "the dream alive" .....or at the very least keep me on pace for a 5 day/55mpw!
A slightly later start then I've been getting....go figure went the "extra mile" last nite but didn't get out the door till 4.45pm.......
One plus in the 15 mins it took to go roughly 1.5 miles to South St bridge it was now 5pm and Peco Tower was lit so I peeped the temps...50 degrees not too shabby given come Tuesday it's officially winter.

Including last nite "Peak" still has 7 nites to run......6 more week nites I won't see  my nearest and dearest during the week due to her workload so no need to rush my run but bet yer arse when "Peak" has come and gone and we can resume "Date Nite" on a weekenite I'll be eager to get said miles taken care of!!!!
Over the last few weeks I've become no stranger to the out and back  13 miler period....which is good since the next two weeks I have 6 on tap......the "road well travelled" I guess.

Another nite to clear my mind and just "go w/ the flow" normally this  time of year brings out the worst in me and fills me w/ dread.......NOT the case this year.....can't believe I'm saying this but himself is actually looking forward the holidays this year.........then again Christmas came early this year........August 18th when Candice and I began dating to be exact!!!
A prime example of yours truly being in a better place this year would be the lack of  fully functioning loading dock bay doors......

When I left work at 3.30pm on Black Friday{Nov 27th} I had two working loading dock bay doors......upon my return to work on Monday I discovered one of the doors had been broken over the weekend.
The concave indentation on the door lead me to guess some "Milkman Of Human Kindness" had backed into the door w/ their tail gate lift......and then driven off w/out fessin' up......THANKS!!!
Two days later Maint finally sauntered over to the dock to examine the damage and declared the need for a new door.....this was Dec of yesterday Dec 16th said new door has YET to show up{Santa must be bringing it from the  South Pole on his sleigh w/ his trusty crew of Reindeer}
Once again w/ crystal clear clarity the "hooray for me,screw the loading dock" mindset rules the roost,hey as long as only the loading dock is being inconveinienced I guess it's all good hey???
All I can say is it's a good job my relationship w/ Candice is happening right now or I'd have Tony Scornaienchi's guts for garters and his head on a spike,don't give this old "you'll have your door by next Wednesday" BOLLOCKS last Wednesday cos yesterday came and went and I'm STILL trying to operate the loading dock w/ one bay.......

And of the subject of people I'd like to inflict bodily harm too......just when it looked like Captain Feckin' Obvious was getting a rare nite off "Dumbo" ignores the red light at the corner of 44th & Baltimore as I'm about to cross.......a stream of verbal obsenities followed suit but guess who had the last laugh as he passed said Dumbkoff at the red lights at 45th & Baltimore AND 46th & Baltimore.....
WELL DONE you won not one but TWO red truly are a JERK OFF!!!!!

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