Wednesday, May 2, 2012


W/ phase one of my summer training drawing to a close w/ my season opening race scheduled for Monday May 14th it was important to get another solid interval session in yesterday.
Like the 4x1 mile repeats a fortnite ago the 5x1,000m repeats are an old friend,initially brought in 2 years ago to help w/ my 5,000m races I found it a useful repeat for my 800s and 1,500s and thus kept it in my rotation although last year I upped it to 8x1,000m as I prepped for the 5,000m at Worlds.
Coming off of an easy 6 miler on Monday I was primed and ready for another brisk set of repeats at sunny Roxboro and sunny it was w/ temps close to 78 degs when I arrived at 4.30pm.

Six lap warm up b4 getting into my flats,the plan was to go 1.20-1.20-35=3.15.......
I almost cocked it up on the opening 400m posting a 1.13 b4 easing off the gas on the second lap to clock 1.26 and closing in a modest 36 seconds to open in a brisk 3.05.0.
After that things settled down,1.18-1.21-33-3.12.0 for #2,1.18-1.19-36-3.13.5 for #3
1.20-1.20-34-3.14.3 for #4 and 1.19-1.21-34-3.14.6.for #5.
Obviously I was a little concerned on #4 and #5 that my bravardo on the opening 400m would come back and derail my hopes of going 5/5 at sub 3.15 but I was able to hunker down and dig deep over the final 5 laps.

Once again,w/ almost deft precision{or should that be deaf precision!!!}I had to weave around a walker in lane 1 for most of my workout......inspite of numerous other walkers who chose the outer lanes,"Budwiser King Of Beers" kept walking in lane 1 and kept giving me "daggers' everytime I blew by him and cut back into the inside of lane 1,it's funny I came across a blog entry from 08 where I bitched about the lack of respect I get from lane 1 walkers at Roxboro,nothing has changed in four years.....of course that summer in Spokane I got silver in the 800m and gold in the 1,500m so maybe it's an omen as Lisle is now 14 weeks away......


dinklesnaps said...

You are a beast. I don't know how in the hell you kill those 1,000s like that! Mad props to you.

dinklesnaps said...

Mad props on the workout!

kevin f forde said...

Delve,I've always believed that if you put in the hard work in training you'll be rewarded come race day....and I've never been afraid to "embrace the pain" in training