Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Can Has Runaround Too??!!

T minus two days till my move but this evening was moving day for Precious,I thought it would be good for her to get a run of the new place so I took her down to the new apartment b4 I move in so she could get a feel for the place plus the chance for much needed "runaround" which has been in short supply in recent weeks after a couple of "climate changes"w/in the house and while I've been less than pleased by them I've known for a few weeks that I was moving so while it sucked to deny "little girl" runaround time she's now free to run her little white paws off in the new place w/ no one to stop her.

On the subject of running,yesterday was my easy/recovery run {6 miles} and today was my tempo run,my last along Cobbs Creek Parkway,for the record my splits were:
Cedar & Cobbs Creek-3.37
Baltimore Ave-8.45
Whitby Ave-13.40
Whitby Ave-36.04
Baltimore Ave-41.07
Cedar & Cobbs Creek-46.55

19 seconds down on last week,out in 24.28,back in 25.37 I was guilty of not being 100% focused given there's alot of things going on connected to the move but I'd rather run and give myself another complete week of training while time is still on my side,next week will be my 5th week of uninterupted training prior to my season debut at Swarthmore and thus beginning the race phase of my training where on race weeks I'll only get one repeat a week,ergo the need to "make hay while the sunshines"move be damned.....that said I'm tickled pink to be moving!

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