Monday, May 7, 2012

No Place Like Home

"I'm faced w/ the facts and a fist full ot threats I stand quite amused at the end of the bed.
I have no defense for what I've said as a handful of love whacks me right around the head.
She's growling and stalking and grabs from a pile a book that she throws and it missed by a mile.
I'm holding a pillow and as naked as sin I'm backed into a corner w/ a wastepaper bin
Then up on the matress there's no place to go
I'm guilty as guilty,but there's no place like home"
No Place Like Home-Squeeze

Well the trauma of moving is over......thank christ! having lived in Port Richmond for 14 years from 92-06 I've now had 4 locations in University City in just over 5 and a half years and frankly I'm in NO great hurry to move again.....or anytime soon!
Trauma aside I'm delighted to be moved into my new apartment,after 5.5 years of going the room mate and house mate route I'm looking forward to having my own place again,I thought about that great line Mare Winningham used in "St Elmos's Fire" to Rob Lowe"last nite I got up,went to my own kitchen and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....and it was the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich I ever had"...nuff said!

Aside from being sore from a ton of lifting on Saturday and having a pile of clothes and boxes all over my living room and bedroom I still went to the track yesterday morning for 6x600m repeats.
I hit Finnesey Field at St Joe's for the first time in 5 years to get my repeats in,St Joe's has always been closer than Temple but it always seemed everytime I went there I couldn't access the track.....well not yesterday!
I did antisipate being on a hiding to nothing what w/ everything but I'd rather go,try and fail if need be than not go and beat myself up mentally for A blowing a 40 mile training week and B not seeing what I could do.......

3/6 which is a mild setback after going 6/6 last week but given the circumstances I felt pleased not only w/ the effort but the fact I even showed up at all,as I repeated say{no pun intended!} yearly more than once"the difference between standing on the podium or standing next to the podium at Nationals is going out to run on days you just don't feel like it"and believe me today was once such day!
Another 40mpw in the books w/ 2 interval sessions and tempo run and a long run,here's to more of the same next week in my final week of training b4 the race calender kicks off at Swarthmore next Monday.


dinklesnaps said...

There's one of those crazy-hard workouts you do. You told me to remember 6x6.

kevin f forde said...

Love this workout!!