Thursday, May 31, 2012

Single Digits

Well it's that time of year again,9 weeks till Outdoor Nationals,phase two of my training kicks off next week as the race portion of my season gets underway in earnest at Widener for the Mid Atlantic Championships w/ races scheduled for New York,Eugene and Germantown on tap between June 9th and July 24th.

Easy 3 miler last nite to get the gunk out of my legs from Tuesdays russian intervals,a third 8.4 mile Art Museum Loop tempo run on tap this afternoon,I'm hoping for a better outcome than last week,we'll have to see what the day has in store for me.

On the subject of digits,what I wouldn't give for the digits of Sophie Summers the winner of this cycle of "America's Next Top Model".
I will admit "ANTM" has become something of a "guilty pleasure" the past couple of years,blame it on having a weakness for Tyra Banks.....yeah go ahead judge me!!!! but I've gotten caught up on the last two or three seasons.
This season had a twist US models vs UK models,I will confess over the past 11 weeks rooting for all 7 of the UK models and being sad when one by one they got eliminated.

I always thought the pride of Oxford Sophie Summers had a shot to win it all my only concern was could a Brit win America's Next Top's a bit like a Canadian trying to win American Idol.....I mean it's right there in the title,anywho Sophie won and while I doubt I'll see any of her work in Vogue IT or Vogue Italia or her guest spots on "Extra" I'm delighted she won,anyone who could say"this is bollocks" on tv wins a little piece of my black pagan celtic heart!!!!

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