Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Give Up....

It's been a while since I've had to endure"one of those days" at work but yesterday was one such day,not one,not two,not three,but SIX 18 wheelers back to back and all w/ big arsed deliveries no wonder I felt like Lloyd Bridges in "Airplane"!!!!

As for my mile repeats....."whoa Nelly" I haven't ran that fast in two years,when I did my last set of mile repeats in April I went:5.28-5.27-5.24-5.25 which while faster than anything I'd done since August still weren't lightning quick by my standards{which are high to begin w/} so coming into them last nite the goal was to run 1.20 per lap/5.20 per mile,as you can see from the lap splits I was able to do that and then some!!
In every season there comes a turning point in training and or a defining moment,for me last nite may well be that moment,granted I'm not the finished article just yet but when I next conduct 4x1mile repeats on June 19th I hope to eliminate the 1.20/1.21 splits and maybe get down to sub 5.10 splits,the first sub 5 min mile is still a way off but on this form it's in the mail.

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