Monday, May 21, 2012


In keeping w/ my recent run of events my phone and internet remain unconnected......luck of the Irish my arse!!!!
Between the farce that was the moving company who bailed on me 10 mins into my move,missing the last connecting train out of New York City the nite of Florence And The Machine,the comedy of errors that was coming home from Florence And The Machine in Atlantic City,sitting around for 12 hours waiting for Verizon to show up on Tuesday,running a sub par race at Swarthmore last Monday I can now add a locked gate from keeping me from phone and internet access and a malfunctioning stop watch from recording splits yesterday at St Joe's over 6x600m.........

So a Verizon tech DI actually show up on Saturday......I know I was shocked,however in order to get to the terminal to do whatever needs doing to allow him to turn on my phone there's a locked gate that I don't have the key too,and my landlord couldn't be reached on Saturday,so that's another week of no phone and no internet till I can,get the gate unlocked,get Verizon to come back out and get my phone turned back on...........

Following the last of my New York City trips for now{all bet are off if the New York Rangers reach the Stanley Cup Finals}I was feeling the effects of my trip to Times Square to see Paul Weller,it's all well and good getting home at 3am but try getting up and doing 6x600m repeats at lunchtime the following day!!!!,had Verizon not gagged me again on Saturday I would've taken care of the 6x600s Saturday and then gone long yesterday but it wasn't to be.
In fairness I doubt my splits would have been anything to write home about even if my stopwatch had been working but I diligently went about conducting the repeat anyway to bring a frustrating week to it's conclusion.

Anyway it's a whole new week and w/ a whole new attitude and outlook I hope I can:clear out the last of my stuff from my old basement,get my phone turned back on and have internet and conduct two good repeats starting w/ 4x1mile tomorrow.

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