Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Now You're Just Taking The Piss!

After a sub par race the last thing I wanted or needed was to sit around all day stewing in my own juices......but that's exactly what I got thanks in no small part to Verizon
In a classic"we'll have someone out to your place between the hours of 8am and 8pm to check your phone" I spent the day sat at home like a lemon waiting for them.....I don't think you need to be clairvoyant to figure they never showed up,but then to add considerable insult to injury when I called them from work today I was informed that not only did someone come out to my apartment but "we left a card"...........
DON'T piss in my ear and tell me it's rain!!!
I can't say the day was a bust I did get some work on the apartment done and make inroads into my stack of dvr'd tv shows but the fact remains I'm still sans phone and internet and now 4 miles in the hole for the week,which means I can kiss goodbye my scheduled rest day Friday,not the worst thing in the world granted but having scheduled several non running chores post work Friday I now have to squeeze in a 4 miler around Clark Park....AND wait till Verizon show up on Saturday b4 I can head over to St Joe's for my weekly visit to ye olde "Death Cage" b4 heading upto New York City to catch Paul Weller at the Best Buy Theater.

Now that the dust has settled from Monday'd disappointing race I can be objective and say I probably cut my cloth way too thin last week,the all nighter in New York last Tuesday,another late nite in Atlantic City Saturday coupled w/ not cutting back either my Friday interval workout and long run Saturday,it all adds up to a 2.11.7 800m race.....NOT a reflection of where I'm at w/ my training right now.
What's done is done,all I can do is get ready for my next race in three weeks time a 1,500m at Widener in the Mid Atlantic c'ships and hope for a morale boosting performance and time.

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