Tuesday, June 30, 2015

11 0 Clock Tick Tock

No brainer to do a recovery run off the back of my repeats and b4 my mile race on Tuesday evening.
Hard to believe come Wednesday not only will be into the second half of the year but also not only three weeks out from Nationals but also four weeks out from Worlds,I can recall when both were in double digits......I guess the sands of time really don't wait for any man......not even moi!

As w/ any easy/recovery run the pace was comfortable{9.32 per mile......according to Daily Mile} as I reached the turnaround in 38.07,the only time I checked my watch,1.16.14 pace.
W/ a race on tap Tuesday evening I used the run to try and visualize how I'm going to run it,of course w/out knowing who's going to be there my visualization and the actual race could well be the time honoured Theory & Practice Being A Horse Of A Different Colour but using my previous 1,500m race at Swarthmore 7 weeks ago as a blueprint that evening I ran a 4.30.64 so a 4.41 mile would quate to a 4.23 1,500m which would be in keeping w/ my minute per week improvement plan,like I said we'll have to see how that plays out this evening.

Finished up my run w/ a 38.13 inbound leg for a 1.16.20,as recovery runs go a reasonable one,the real trick will be seeing what I run the mile in at Ft Washington this evening......

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