Sunday, June 7, 2015

Really Old Man??....You Want Some Of This????

If it's Sunday then it's the traditional Sunday long run 14 miles around the Art Museum Loop,very much my "bread and butter" run for a Sunday as it adds 14 miles to my weekly mileage and when things have gone to plan that's 40 miles.
Out the door a tad closer to my prefered time of 10am this week conditions were sunny and warm as I set off w/ not too much to concern myself w/.

In my book Sunday solo runs should be ran at 9 min mile pace,it's about the mileage in a week where minus the easy 8 miler to kick off the week it's all about speed,short repeats,8 mile tempo run,long repeats it's nice to have a sedate run,take in the sights and sounds around the river along West River Dr,b4 crossing Falls bridge onto Kelly Dr and eventually "the road well travellled" as I hit the section of Kelly Dr where I turn on my 8  milers,then it's the Schuylkill Banks,Schuylkill footpath,South St bridge,Spruce St,onto Baltimore Ave and eventually Ceder Ave,sure maybe running the same route/routes is predictable and maybe even boring but for me it allows me to gauge where I'm at week in,week out.

The first time I checked my watch was as I crossed Falls bridge the half way point,60 and change,I couldn't see the exact seconds and damn sure wasn't stopping to get a balls dead acutare split......60 and change worked for me thank you very much as I continued to plough through my run.
For whatever reason West River Dr tends to be less populated then Kelly Dr,why I don't know but Kelly Dr allows me other runners to work off of if need be....I guess I was "in a zone" today as I wasn't really paying much if any attention to runner ahead of me........till the long section along the Schuylkill Banks between Lloyd Hall and the Schuylkill footpath roughly miles 11 and 12.
I began systematically picking off runners w/out giving it too much though as I approached the 676 bridge that links I 95 and I 76,I saw a runner ahead of me and began to visualize the closing stages of the upcoming 1,500m final at Worlds in Lyon.

Slowly I reeled "cuz" in,most runners you overtake tend not to concern themselves w/ the pace of other runners...but periodically "there's always one" who takes exception/unbridge and DING DING DING we had a winner.....
I pulled up alongside "Cuz" who instantly speed up to which I made an audable "really???" as I lenghtened my stride to pull alongside "Cuz" gets REAL PISSED and begins to sprint......I could've let it and him go.....but I didn't.........
"BOOM" dropped the hammer and left him choaking on my dust never to be seen again as I continued south along the Schuylkill Banks......"bye,thanks for coming,see you next time or never....SUCKER!!!''
l don't set out to "wear the prick suit" I really don't but when runners pull that shit every now and then the Barney Stinson in me says "challenge excepted" and some poor sap is left to cry into his post run Gatorade...

Home in 2.02.13 a 8.45 improvement on last weeks time,I wouldn't mind going sub 2.00 next week if it happens great,if not no biggie,another week in the books that's what matters,bitch slapping some fool is just the icing on the cake!

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