Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm Not A Playa,I Just Crush Alot!!!!

I knew when I opted to take Monday off that I'd denied myself an ideal schedule of Easy Run Monday,Repeats Tuesday,rest day Wednesday,Tempo Run Thursday.....that said w/ this years Nationals schedule requiring me to race the 800m on Thursday b4 coming back for the 1,500m on Friday maybe back to back repeats and tempo wasn't a bad idea???

In keeping w/ the week I've been having at work{good news the freight elevator is back up and running again......that THUD you heard is the breeze block falling out of my arse!!!} I didn't get home till gone 4.30pm and it was closer to 5pm b4 I was out the door but frankly at this time of year it's hardly an issu....that said we're now 17 days away from Summer Solstice and the Longest you know what that means?????.......Winter Is Coming!!!!!

I could tell early into the run I was "up for it" 7.34 at the mile marker,sub 13 at South St bridge,15.44 at mile two along the Schuykill footpath and sub 27 at Lloyd Hall.
I reached the turn in 33.16,even if I ran a 35 min second half I was looking at a potential 1.08 time having recently broken through the 1.10 barrier w/ a 1.09.16 I had to fancy my chances.

As each of the return leg mile markers yielded fast splits I believed I wasn't going to buckle or crack,40 plus at Lloyd Hall,50 plus on the Schuylkill footpath but more telling was 58 plus at the 7 mile mark at 39th and Baltimore Ave,my first sub 60 to date.....oh it was so on now!!!

Giving everything I had left up the "home straight" I got a pretty clear run of all the cross streets between 40th and 50th and crossed the "finishline" in front of my door step in........1.05.35......
Out in 33.16 back in 32.19.....not too shabby if I say so myself!
Clearly back to back days hadn't hurt me too much,although it must be said the 66 degree temps probably helped too,either way I was taking it.....a job well done.

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