Friday, June 12, 2015

Hot & Bothered

I knew I was in for a hot one when the Newsman on the radio said at 8.20am "going upto 90 degrees this afternoon"........yea!!!!!
I remember  as a kid there used to be a Science show on BBC1 on Thursdays b4 "Top Of The Pops" called "Tomorrow's World" that used to feature....well you know science stuff which mostly went over my head but I do remember one episode where they went to Houston to prove you could fry an egg on the sidewalk as it was so hot........that's how the loading dock felt yesterday!!!! shame it doesn't retain that kind of heat in the dead of Winter!!!!

By the time I hit the road at 4.50pm the mercury had risen to a "toasty" 91 degrees and between running on asphalt and past concrete buildings let's just say you could've renamed me the "Sultan Of Sweat"!!!!!
Even though this was billed as a tempo run I kind of knew the heat was going to take care of that and by the time I reached the turnround in 36.26 I pretty much knew evan a 1.10 was wishful thinking.

The heat had already sapped my strength by then,I "let my guard down" mentally,no point trying to grind out a fast one today physically that ship had sailed too.....and yeah it was either the Titanic,Queen Mary or the Marie Selest!!!!
Home in 1.15.30 9.55 slower than last week but also 25 degrees hotter.......I don't play the "heat" card too often but fuckin ada!!!
Still glass half full at least I went out and ran but upon returning home said half full glass became empty glass as I had a mega thirst that needed quenching......thank God for fruit smoothies in the fridge when it's this hot!!!

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