Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maintaining The Status Quo

Coming off of long repeats on Saturday and Sundays long run I opted to exercise Monday as a rest day b4 launching back into the swing of things w/ an easy 8 miler Tuesday.
Last weeks schedule of :easy 8,short repeats,8 mile tempo run,long repeats,long run had worked well for yours truly so why not stick w/ it,alas next week in order to "have my cake and eat it" I'll need to forgo Monday as a rest day as I race on Saturday ergo a Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday rotation......however that's next week let's worry about that when the time comes shall we!

85 degrees when I hit the sidewalks at 4.50pm,give it another month maybe not even b4 we hit 90 degree temps.....all good prep for Jacksonville and maybe Lyon though....
As this was an easy run no need to be"on it" mentally last nite,speed,pace,splits were all secondary alhough I did clock my turnaround time at 38 and change.
Not govererned by the clock for once I could allow myself the chance to think about the upcoming schedule,next Saturdays 800m at Icahn my only 800m b4 Nationals and last race b4 the entry deadline in 14 days days time,then there are two mile races at Ft Washington on June 30th/July 14th as my final tune up races b4 Nationals in Jacksonville on July 23rd{800m} and 24th{1,500m} and then Worlds in Lyon on Aug 12th {1,500m prelims} and hopefully Aug 14th {1,500m final}

Home in 1.17.27, slow but prehaps prudent to save my fast twitch muscles for Wednesdays short repeats and Thursdays tempo run........short term goal/big picture.......

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