Thursday, June 11, 2015

Turn It Up,Bring The Noise,Public Enemy #1

Bass!How low can you go? Death Row,what a brother know once again,back is the incredible rhyme animal,the incredible.
D,Public Enemy number one,"Five O'' said"Freeze"! and I got numb can I tell em that I never had a gun? But it's the wax that the Terminator X spun

Bring The Noise-Public Enemy

If it's Wednesday it's short repeats at Temple after work! and todays bill o fare 3x300m/3x200m a repeat I've kept in my rotation since it's debut on Valentine's Day.
Last time out on April 4th I went:
Mediocre at best but easily beatable this time out I felt,arriving at a nearly deserted track at 3.55pm I quickly took care of my 6 lap warm up b4 launchig into my assault on the repeats.

As I've said repeatedly....pun intended you never want your repeats to resemble an EKG chart going up,down,up,down more like a heart rate monitor I'm closing in on 50,50,50 maybe next time out in July?

For once the wind at Geasey Field was on the home straight so maybe I miscalculted by starting at the 200m start meaning #1 and #3 would finished into a headwind where as the more traditional 400m start would've meant only #2 was into the headwind......either way I still dropped two 32s.....

An 8 second improvement over April 4th,sadly on a six week rotate it means this repeat will fall the week of Nationals so I'll have to push it back a week....who knows by then maybe the 50,50,50,32,32,32 series won't be a pipe dream????

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