Monday, June 29, 2015

Day Late,Dollar Short,A Tad Slower,But Done..........

I was looking at eight days in a row,Wednesday thro Sunday followed by Monday thro Wednesday......however a threeteen hour kip and a biblical reinactment of the great flood Saturday took care of that for me!
A wise man once told me "you can do anything you want in this just have to be willing to pay the price that goes w/ it" so my "penance" for seeing Rush on Thursday nite was only five hours sleep b4 returning to work...ontop of my 8 mile recovery run......bottom line following the Copa America and Women's World Cup I naffed off to bed at 10pm......not to be seen or hard from again till 11am Saturday!!!!

Now b4 I hear a chorous of "you lazy bastard" I'm going to say don't sleep for 13 hours unless  your body truly neds the rest......and clearly mine did.....however the ying to that yang was by the time I'd eaten breakfast and gotten myself together the heavens opened w/ a repeats today.....unless I was doing laps in a pool,SPLAT! the sound of a fork going into Saturdays plans.....

Thankfully the sun was out in full effect Sunday so I nixed the traditional Sunday long run in favour of Saturdays prepossed 4x400mx4 repeats out in Ardmore at Lower Merion's high school track.
Out to the Mainline by 12.30pm a little more activity on the track than I'd like but hey!
Mile warm up taken care of it was have at it time,last time out over at Haverford on June 6th I went:
68.87 68.58 69.39 71.31
71.73 72.61 73.29 77.94
74.89 73.93 74.75 75.74
73.17 74.16 78.65 72.32

W/  4 more Saturdays on tap b4 Worlds today didn't have to be the "be all and end all" but that's not to say I didn't want to give it my all....

#1 4x400m
68.74 72.92 72.27 70.02
Not too shabby to kick things off,thought I might pay for the opening 68.74 but the closing 70.02 said otherwise.......

#2 4x400m
70.90 72.32 74.91 74.48
Was starting to feel the effect of the top turn and back straight being ran into a head wind,not the same "pop" off the starting line but still trying to deliver on the home straight.

#3 4x400m
75.80 76.08 76.78 79.00
Fatigue wasn't the only F word being tossed around trust me!!

#4 4x400m
75.33 76.00 77.12 69.12
Solid 69 seconding closing 400m but off a 77 prior it does lose some of it's gloss it has to be said

Overall 13 seconds slower than last time out which is a bit of a boot in the nads however "glas half full" my mile times were:
4.42 4.50 5.06 4.57 which isn't too shabby and helps justify the switch from 4x1 mile to 4x400x4 repeats

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