Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back On Track

Ok,crap pun great workout,what do you want from me I'm still reeling from the "Game Of Thrones" finale.......#jonsnowlives

Following Saturdays mish mash of a 8x800m repeat I really needed a solid repeat this afternoon period,muchless given this was my last one b4 Saturdays 800m race at the USATFNY C'ships at Icahn Stadium
Arriving at Geasey Field at 3.45pm two things struck me.......this is North Philly afterall......ohh I went there!!! One was the track was almost deserted and two it wasn't as hot and oppressive as it was on Saturday lunchtime at Lower no heat haze coming off the track on the top turn as i roundered the bottom turn!!!

Six lap warm up conducted it was "have at it" time for my first ever :2x300m 3x200m 1x400m repeat
based on recent 300s,200s and 400s I thought my splits should be:50 50 32 32 32 70 I went:
49.92 51.58
32.23 32.37 32.55

Overall very pleased w/ this performance,I'm not going to split hairs about the 49/51 300s I'd have liked 50/50 but hey! three 32s on the 200s was nice considering the headwind on #1 and #3 as for the 66 second 400.......ohh how  a man could get used to that......

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