Saturday, June 6, 2015

Two Dimes & A Nickle

We're only at home when we're on the fly

I believe it's an old US Marine quote"we don't plan,we improvise well today was one of those days trust me!
Starter for ten I realize a block from home I'd left my notebook on the living room table,I do a quick U turn to retrieve said notebook but figure now I'll miss the scheduled 11.24am trolley,no big I'll walk the 10 blocks to 40th to give myself a choice of 4 trolleys to 30th St where I catch the train to Haverford.......of course today's the day said trolley is running late as I discover 4 blocks later as it wizzes by me,then further insult to injury as I reach 40th St a 36 is just pulling away.....hey ho!
I arrive at 30th St knowing the 11.49am should be long gone......only to see a 10 mins late beside it when I arrive on the platform at 11.56am the upshot I'm out to Haverford by 12.26pm...........
CLUNK!!!!  orange plastic fencing around the gates to the track,big machinery on the infield,wooden board across the track at the start of the 400m on the home straigh and just beyond the 300m point of the back straight and a official sign reading "Track Closed For Renovations May 26th-September 30th..............

Fuck No I wasn't turning back,said machinery was idel,a couple of other runners were on the track and being a weekend I figured any official Haverford bods were home I was getting my workout in,we'll deal w/ the issue of Haverford being available for future repeats next Saturday,besides if peeps wanted me off the track they'd have to catch me first!!!!!

The original game plan was for 4x400m/mile x2 a repeat I began in the late fall  as an extention of the 4x400m/mile pre 5th Avenue Mile workout I'd been doing since 08.....however when I last conducted that bad boy on April 12th I was using old math 4 min recoveries inbetween 400s and the mile....given last weeks 4x400mx4 w/ 60 second recoveries something had to give as I wanted to keep the 60 second recoveries between 400s and opted for 90 seconds between #4 400m and the mile w/ a 5 min rest between sets.......after the first set of 4x400m and 90 seconds rest my opening 400m of the mile was....frankly pants so the next plan was 2x4x400m,mile mile but I realized my mile splits were gonna be two bob off 90 sec recoveries so I said feck it 4x400mx4 it was!!!!!

Last week on a scheduled 4x400mx4{albeit my first ever} I went
70.85 72.92 71.56 71.91
72.15 72.57 72.76 72.95
76.08 74.93 74.76 74.68
77.34 74.33 75.20 72.16
We'd have to see how today "change on the fly" version went wouldn't we???

#1 4x400m
68.87 68.58 69.39 71.31
The opening 68s were probably "in the mix" because I thought I'd only be running two sets of 4x400m!!

#2 4x400m
71.31 72.61 73.29 77.94
Obvs,I like that 77.94 back but I was commited to the long haul help me God!

#3 4x400m
74.89 73.93 74.74.75 75.74
I had considered 4x400mx3 w/ a mile at the end but figured even at 75/76 range my 400s would be quicker than my mile so feck it we were going w/ 4x400mx4....not sure if the brain sent that email/text to the legs though?!!!

#4 4x400m
73.17 74.16 78.65 72.32
The 78.65 was a bit of a dagger to the heart......but the closing 72.32 soon erased that from my memory!!!!

It's been a while since I've keeled over and collapsed onto the track at the end of a workout  but today seemed like a day for said reaction
Minus 5 compared to last weeks debut/more conventional 4x400mx4 repeat,the margin could've been greater w/out that 77.94 and 78.65 to bring it done if I say so myself this was a job well done.
Clearly w/ 60 second recoveries the 4x400m/mile don't fly....know what I'm liking these 4x400mx4 repeats so I think the rotate becomes 4x400mx4/8x800m....just need to figure out what recovery between 800s to use....3 mins???

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