Friday, June 19, 2015

Negative Split,Positive Reinforcement

10 miler to keep me on pace for the week,since I normally do 6 miles w/ my warm up,repeat and cool down on Saturdays but race tomorrow and will only do 4 miles I opted for the 10 miler on Thursday.
In an ideal world I would've liked to have done this run on Monday given I have a wedding to attend on Friday which while I'm honoured to be invited....anywhere to be honest does force some logistical issues between that and Saturdays day long sojurn to New York City{for just over 2 mins work!!!}however thanks to  "Cersei Lannister"{my boss.....yeah that's what I REALLY think of her!!!!} I got out of work half an hour late on Monday and that ontop of chores that needed doing stuck a fork in Mondays 10 that I've unburdened myself from that time to move on.....

Stretched and out the door by 4.45pm another afternoon the skies were grey but also the temps were down....72.....8 degs cooler than yesterday but alas no "wiggle room" for switching my tempo run to Thursday....well I could've but hardly advisable w/ the 800m race Saturday afternoon!!!
Given this was an easy run I made a point of not checking my splits untill I reached the turnaround just b4 St Joe's boathouse in 45.32 a 91.04 time,fine by me I was figuring 9 min mile pace anyway.

Took full advantage of working off a runner ahead of me to close ground on her leading upto Girard Ave bridge....I could quite easily have tucked in behind her to continue "admiring the view" but I may not've clocked the finishing time I did if I had of.......!!!! coz I'm the first runner to admit he was checking out a female runner on our respective runs.......hey I did think to myself when I passed her she could now check out my butt.........probably not as picturesque as hers to be honest but the thought was there!
I continued to reel off 9 min mile pace and came through mile 9 in 82 mins and change it was gonna be close to 91 mins but somehow I found a negative split 45.32 out,45.12 for a 90.44 finish.

So that's me done now till roughly 3.35pm Saturday afternoon now,we'll see how my first Outdoor 800m goes,good,bad or indifferent you'll read here hopefully on the bus ride home from the Big Apple.

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