Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Trust Me,The Wet Look Is In This Season

For the third time in three days on my 8 milers out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr I got soaked,ergo my claim that the wet look is in this year,it's not as if I'm a regular on the fashion runways of London,Paris,Milan or New York although in my youth I did some catalogue work for a fashion house......sadly I was modeling gloves!!!!!!!

Unlike last Wednesday and Thursday when I got caught in the rain inside the final mile yesterday it was pissing down from the getgo but I wasn't willing to sit out a run so baseball cap,rain jacket and three quarter length bottoms were the warbrobe choices of the need for hair and make though for obvious reasons!!!!!

Given this was an easy run I didn't have to worry about pace but as I'm almost programmed to do so I did  check my  turnaround split 37.17 1.14.28 pace if I wanted it......but w/ track repeats on tap for tomorrow there felt no need to begin hyrdoplaining along Kelly Dr and the Schuylkill Banks.
Secure in the knowledge my entry to Worlds in Lyon was already taken care of b4 yesterdays deadline I didn't have to worry about that......I do have to worry about the 83 other M50 1,500m  entries though as the clock truly begins to tick in the countdown....prehaps why I was out in the rain again taking care of business again?

It could've been worse{NO it was already raining!!!} I could've been heading to Icahn Stadium last nite for #2 of the Twilight Series and running my only 800m b4 the deadline for Nationals,at least I still have 17 days and potentially  5 more repeats b4 then,although if nobody enters the USATF NYC C'ships{as of yesterday not a single entry online for the 800m????!!!!} I could be going mano e mano w/ my old rival the clock.......tick tock,tick tock........

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