Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Four weeks from today the 2015 edition of Outdoor Masters Nationals in sunny and I suspect hot Jacksonville will kick off,I'm looking at 6 more repeats and two more races between now and then to fine tune things.

After a few days off to take care of non running business it was back to training w/ a visit to the track for 3X200mX3.
Thankfully yesterdays storm had broken the recent heatwave conditions we'd been dealing w/,conditions were hot and sunny {probably 86 degs} when I hit Geasey Field a little after 4pm for my second crack at 3x200mx3,last time out on May 23rd I went:
30.79 31.36 33.08
31.93 32.51 32.66
31.68 31.81 32.37
6 lap warm up taken care of it was time to have at it

32.79 33.24 32.96
A tad miffed that 33.24 snuck in there to ruin a 32 trifecta

31.34 32.40 32.53
Was impressed to open in 31.34 period muchless given I had to swing wide from lane 1 to lane 4 at the top of the home straight to avoid the Marine cadets who were starting their mile.

32.40 33.14 32.79
Boo Hiss another 33 second 200 it's would be easy to blame it on the Marine cadets who were taking up lane 1 but I won't.

Glass half empty I'm 8 seconds down on last time half full on May 23rd I took 5 min recoveries yesterday 2 min recoveries.
There probably won't be time to get this repeat in again b4 Lyon and Worlds but w/ 6 of the 9 200s at 32 seconds I think I've found my groove for the half lapper

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