Monday, June 29, 2015

Not Observing The Pagan Sabbath

Two bits of NBC,CNN,BBC Newsworthy notes from Friday,one yours truly actually lacing the up and getting out there to run period muchless off of only 5 hours sleep and it being the Pagan Sabbath{I tend not to run on Fridays if I can help it} and also it was 6pm when I got out there......I can sence heads spinning and exploding so allow me to explain myself........

As I stated earlier in the week I had to sit out Monday & Tuesday as non running issues needed attending to ergo the need to take care of the Tempo run prior to the Rush show.....this however still left Friday needing to be taken care of but given Friday is a traditional food shopping nite it posed a dilemma of sorts....
Even off a recovery run I knew if I ran first the chances of me getting up off the recliner post run were slim to anorexic SO.......a trip to Aldi first then my 8 mile recovery run,ergo why it was close to 6pm b4 I got out to run.
While not looking to make a habit of the 6pm run I must say it was a nice change of pace w/ less traffic both on and off the sidewalks,it didn't hurt it was a recovery run so the pace was easy to begin w/.

38.42 at the turnaround indicated a 1.17.24 finish which would've been fine w/ me for a recovery run period muchless w/ repeats on tap for Saturday{or so I thought!} so notching a 1.17.43 is hardly here or there,bottomline I got the run in,I'd gooten the groceries in and after a much needed shower it was dinner and flicking back between Argentina Colombia in the Copa America and USA China in the Women's World "the auld fella" used to say "it's a hard life,if you don't weaken...."

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